From Milk to Movement

We’re on a mission to evolve society to meet the needs of modern parents.

Co-founders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy in the office
low res Co-founders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy in the office

Bobbie started as a company determined to change the stigma around feeding babies and bring a new style of organic formula to the United States. Early in our journey, we realized there is so much more that can be done to build a society where parents thrive, not just survive.

Bobbie for Change is our answer.

Our Beliefs

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Change comes in all shapes and sizes.

We believe there needs to be systematic change in U.S. policies, but that change can happen in a grocery store line, a text message, or from a story you read in the news.

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There’s space at our table for everyone.

We believe you don’t need to be a parent to care about parents, to care about children and to care about evolving our society for future generations.

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When parents are supported, families thrive.

We believe supporting the wellbeing of parents physically, mentally and emotionally is essential to a healthy family, and shouldn’t take a backseat after the arrival of a child.

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We must bridge the equity gap.

We believe all parents have a right to equitable access to essential care and resources, and in fighting against long standing disparities experienced by parents from communities historically excluded from essential care and resources.

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In partners, we trust.

We believe the power of our partners is invaluable, and leverage their expertise, lived experience, research and thought leadership in driving change.

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We’re stronger together.

We believe in the power of the collective. Our voices are louder together, rallying for a united cause.

Our History

We believe that our society doesn’t support the modern parent & their needs.

It’s time for someone to stand in the gap to advocate for better policies & resources that set parents up for success.

Our Approach to Change

We work with our partners to identify families locally & globally who need immediate & long-term resources & support. True change is locally-led, which means we work with partners who are already invested in the local community. Our work doesn’t stop when money is donated. We remain committed to monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance to ensure we are setting parents up for success for years to come.

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Learn more about our incredible partners, and how to support their work.

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