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Advancing Programs & Resources

We believe parents and caregivers deserve social, economic and healthcare resources to sustain their own wellbeing. We’re channeling frustration into progress to fill critical gaps in today’s parent experience.

Supporting Equitable Access to Essential Resources: Mama Glow Foundation

America is one of the most dangerous industrialized nations in the world to give birth, and the only one to see maternal mortality rising. Black women are 3 times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women. We believe it's a human right to have access to a safe birth and essential care, and support organizations fighting the longstanding disparities communities of color experience in receiving maternal and infant care.

Bobbie is proud to support the Mama Glow Foundation to further their mission to advance birth equity and reproductive justice through education, advocacy & the arts. In addition to donating formula and funds, Bobbie partnered with Mama Glow to provide training and educational resources to their doula community to help them support their clients on their feeding journeys. Join us in donating to Mama Glow.

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By the numbers


more likely

for Black women and birthing people to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women and birthing people

Only 6%

of all midwives

in the U.S. are midwives of color

1 in 3

Black Americans

reported to experiencing racism while dealing with the healthcare system in a recent study

Our response for change



to organizations supporting birth equity


cans donated

to the MamaGlow community


doulas & birth workers

attended the Mama Glow Doula Expo sponsored by Bobbie

Asking Companies & Policymakers to #TakeOurLeave

Parenthood is evolving and it’s time U.S. policies and companies catch up.

As a mom-led small business, we found this status quo completely unacceptable. In response, we launched our own first-of-its-kind parental leave policy offering birthing and non-birthing employees up to 12 months of leave, and created a free, open-sourced playbook for companies to #TakeOurLeave and change the way employees leave and come back to work as parents. Ready for your company to #takeourleave?

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Take Our Leave
low res Take Our Leave

By the numbers


of companies

with less than 100 employees have access to employer-provided paid leave


of women

without access to paid family leave drop out of the workforce within a year of giving birth


of U.S. companies

do not offer inclusive policies for non-birthing parents

Our response for change


open sourced

parental leave policy featuring 12 months leave



by parents and companies ready to #takeourleave