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Advocating for Policy Change

No parent should have to worry about where they can find formula or second guess the quality of its ingredients. We’re fiercely advocating for policy change, including updating nutritional standards, improving access to formula, and preventing another formula crisis.

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Bobbie for Change is proud to partner with 4Kira4Moms in addressing the maternal mortality crisis, which is the highest it’s been in the United States since 1965. Since launching our partnership, we have supported the pilot of the Maternal Mortality Response Team, a program that provides food, clothing, legal services, grief counseling and other supports to families that have been impacted by maternal loss.

Bobbie is providing formula to infants who’ve lost their mother in childbirth as part of this program. In addition, the Bobbie for Change team has been advocating for the reintroduction and passage of the Black Maternal Momnibus Health Act “Momnibus”, 13 bills which collectively would make a massive investment in ending the maternal mortality crisis, with Black women dying at a rate of 4x that of white women.

By the numbers



in the US today are twice as likely to die than a generation ago.


Of maternal deaths

in the United States are classified as “preventable.”


Of US counties

lack a single OB-GYN.

Our response for change


Maternal Mortality Response Team


Cans of Donated Formula


Brands, Celebrities, Non-profits and Birth worker Orgs Pushing for Bill Passage

Bobbie Breasties

Did you know that a parent who has undergone breast cancer treatment can receive a free breast pump from their insurance, but no support to cover the cost of formula or donor milk? It’s time for a change. Bobbie is partnering with The Breasties to advocate for parents to receive the equitable feeding support they deserve. Sign our petition to fight for insurance equity.

Learn About Bobbie Breasties

By the numbers



undergo a form of a mastectomy in the U.S. year


the average cost

to exclusively formula feed a baby for their first year


insurance coverage for formula

for parents who have undergone a mastectomy and cannot breastfeed

Our response for change



on our petition to fight for insurance equality


full sponsorships

providing a year’s supply of Bobbie to parents who have undergone mastectomy


discounted subscriptions

supporting parents who have undergone mastectomies

Hungry For Change

The formula crisis is in a word, bullsh*t. Bobbie asked parents to get loud by leaving us a voicemail about how the formula shortage has impacted your families. We then used your voices in a letter to Congress alongside a policy agenda focused on transforming the formula industry so this never happens again.  And we are just getting started. It’s time we hit the streets. Sign up to be a founding member of our Village For Change.

Hungry for Change letter to Congress
low res Hungry for Change letter to Congress

By the numbers


the last time

major U.S. regulations impacting formula were updated


the average

out of stock rate for formula at the end of May 2022


amount of coverage

insurance offers for a healthy baby

Our response for change


letter to Congress

with 7 solutions for longterm formula policy reform



from parents raising their voices



on national and local broadcasts to get our message out to the masses