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It's time to pass the Momnibus Act—which means it's time for our Bobbie community to speak up.

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Composed of 13 bills, The Momnibus Act is a comprehensive legislative package designed to address maternal health disparities in the United States. Now, it’s back on the floor for the third time. We can’t let one more year go by, or lose one more life.
Let’s get this done.

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Why It Matters

The 13 bills of the Momnibus Act address a range of maternal health interventions and policies, including (but not limited to):

Critical Investments in Overall Health Determinants

Including housing, transportation, and improved nutrition.

Provide Funding for Doula Care & Training

To establish and scale programs that will grow and diversify the maternal health clinical and non-clinical workforce, increasing the number of nurses, midwives, physician assistants, doulas, and other perinatal health workers.

Improve Data Collection & Reporting

To better understand and address the disparities that exist between different racial and ethnic groups.

Support Community-Based Organizations Providing Equitable Care

Including those that provide prenatal and postpartum care, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment.

Maternal Deaths
Are Preventable

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